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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,

–Matthew 28:19

our beliefs

The full deity and humanity of Christ

Salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone

The physical return of Christ.

Voice for the people

  1. Lord is building His Church in Bengal, India

    I would first acknowledge all of your contribution in prayers, wishes , loves and funding supports throughout the last year and this year. That has immensely helped to keep running  this ministry. This year I visited Kolkata(India) from March to April year 2023. 

    It was an amazing time though some challenges there, but Lord worked so mightily to carry out His purpose in this mission. I am so joyful to share my experience that bear the evidence of an outstanding growth and thirst to know Christ among the people in Bengal. It was a great journey among the people where the gospel has changed their lives and they are helping to reach out with the gospel. This year we visited more than 50 homes, 40 prayers meetings, went three villages and reached out many unknown friends locally with the Gospel. We did one day convocations where we invited many new believers and many non- believer friends. It was extremely blessed time to share the truth of the scriptures among 250 people. This event has impacted some new Hindu families to moved forward to know Christ and joined to our local fellowship. As you know we have children centre where this time we organised for one-day free blood test camp for the children and local people . In addition, we had one-day free doctor checkup camp for the children and the local people. We distributed new testaments Bengali bibles. The children are growing well , recent 4 new children joined in the centre. These children and parents attending Sunday worship and Sundry school.

    This year also 10 people have taken bold steps to stand for Christ and be baptised(1 Hindu couple after more than 75 years, they left idol worship and accepted Christ).  The Lord is leading “The House of God Church” as these all-newborn people  are gathering every Sunday for prayers, the word of God, fellowship, and holy communion.(according to Acts 2:42) The Lord is working mighty way through these believers among Hindu communities in Kolkata, surround areas and villages.

    New opening for the gospel in Canning and Midnapore( surrounding villages)

    Lord has opened the door for the gospel to  new villages (far away from Kolkata) in Caning and Midnapore. We shared the Gospel and new testament among them, Bible distributed. We appreciate your prayers.

    Other Evangelical activities

    They are doing every Thursday house fellowship, intention to reach out surround neighbourhood. In addition, they are also doing  daily prayer meeting in early morning and every Friday midnight prayer.  Every Saturday inviting local neighbourhood to share  the gospel in different locations.