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"For me, seeking the Lord's face means praying over and over and over again that I might be close to Him, be led by Him, have the knowledge of His will, and be used in His plan."

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Christian Apologist
Bible teacher
“Reasons to Stand provides needed and solid resources on how to defend the Christian faith as true, reasonable, and pertinent to all of life (apologetics). I commend the work of this ministry in bringing the life-changing gospel to as many people as possible through apologetics.”

Meet Your Host

Sanjib Ghosh 

Reasons To Stand 
 Founder, M.DIv

Preacher, Editor, Pastor, Researcher

Memeber of International Society of Christian Apologetics

Sanjib Ghosh is the Founder of Reasons To Stand Ministries, Class Admin of the Bible Study Fellowhsip,(Western Sydney) .Founder of the evangelical ministries in India- The House of God Church. In addition, also supporting children education in ‘Nutun Disha Jisur Sathe’ at Kolkata, India.  He has a Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary, and is a D.Min Candidate in Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary where his dissertation research is on issues in evangelical ministries, building up leadership,  and reaching out to the diverse cultural people. Also, evaluate the problems, programs and procedures of the current ministries and prepare to find out the specific methodology to lead the church leadership, prepare the new believers to know how they will defend the gospel and multiply the ministry through evangelical training. In addtion, he also  passionate to share the truth of the Bible and enthuasistic to response about his faith in Christ with an apologetic approach to our postmodern world.  

His  website is :